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Often the journey with another person, or persons, comes to an end and it becomes necessary to part ways. Unfortunately, and for many reasons, relationships of all kinds are not always as eternal as we once thought them to be. Regrets follow as a result, and we have a hard time moving on, especially with  Continue Reading »

Premises Clearing

What we refer to as premises clearings include virtually all premises where people work, live or go to for recreational purposes. So, why would a place need clearing? To begin with, buildings seem to retain a kind of memory of activities and events over time, which in turn bring about atmospheres and feelings that are  Continue Reading »

Workshop by Philip Botha

Come join us for a workshop by Philip Botha, where he will be giving information about negativity, Space Clearing, and self protection. Date : Saturday 6 June 2015 Time : 10H00 – 12H00 Venue : 92 Charl Cillier Str,Cnr 13th Ave, Boksburg North Cost : R150 per person RSVP : Maureen E-Mail : [email protected] 011  Continue Reading »

What is a Family Constellation?

“When the family has been brought into its natural order, the individual can leave it behind him while still feeling the strength of his family supporting him. Only when the connection to his family is acknowledged, and the person’s responsibility seen clearly and then distributed, can the individual feel unburdened and go about his personal  Continue Reading »

Journey of the Tarot – Ronnie Biccard

Please join us on the 26th and 27th of October for a remarkable workshop. Dates : 26,27 October 2013 Fee : R1800.00 Location : 92 Charl Cillier Str. Cnr. of 13th Avenue Boksburg North   The Tarot is the story of the human condition!   It’s a mirror reflection of all of the joys, struggles,  Continue Reading »

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