For the Company :

We offer energy and space clearings for a company as a whole, to remove negative energy and negative energy patterns. Over the course of time, energy tends to accumulate in our environments, this is especially true of a company environment, where many people gather, and many events take place.

In these situations, an energy clearing greatly improves the working environment, and opens up the channels for energy to flow naturally again.
Let us help you, by removing the negative energy, and blockages, that stand in the way of your companies success and growth.

For the Individual :

Clearings, healings and a variety of other services are also available to the individuals within the company.

These services also help to remove barriers between co-workers, and can aid in improving co-operation within the company, and a healthier corporate life for the individual.

The individual work can be done as part of a complete company clearing as well, included in a total package for the company.

Maintenance Plans :

We have an option for companies to purchase a maintenance plan with us, which includes regular clearings and energy work, which will maintain a clear environment within the company, keeping a healthy energy flow.
Benefits of regular maintenance,
Negative energy build-up manifests later as bigger problems and blockages. Constant maintenance and clearing prevents these future blockages and energy flow disturbances, which in turn prevents unfortunate events.


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