At Panacea healing centre we offer soul journey consultations, through the use of Tarot, numerology, and family constellations.
These methods help the individual to have a better understanding of their path, and obstacles along that path.

The Tarot:

The Tarot is used to assist with discovering soul and life purpose,
and to make sense of the things that are often obstacles along the way.
This also provides a very useful overview of what is current in life and can greatly assist in decision making.


This modality is used as a process to reveal a tremendous amount of information about life, the souls’ journey and lessons.
It reveals trends and personality traits, and assists us to understand why we do things in the way that we do them. By understanding something, changes can be made, or acceptance can be learnt.

Family constellations:

Often Obstacles in life are placed there as strange behaviour or patterns that are not understood.
These things may come from people that shared your life at some time, or a loved one that has passed on.
Family constellations is an ideal modality to address these issues, in a most elegant way, and provide closure for unfinished business,
even though they may be ancestors of many generations back, that you have never even known. The possibilities that family constellations provide, are endless.

These sessions can provide the first steps, and guidelines that you need to live your life more fully.
They can also aid persons who are already on their path, but need guidance or direction, from general enquiries, to specific events or needs.

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