The “What Is…” List.

Over the years almost everyone who came to consult me asked at least one, but usually more, of these “What Is…” questions.


Upon discussing this topic a few days ago I was asked to put together a brief explanation concerning my findings and observations, as there are many people who, without knowing, may actually be on the unpleasant end of any one, or combination of, the conditions mentioned in this “What Is…” list. To them, the information is often unbelievable due to their religious standpoint; or just too bizarre to fit into their rational interpretation of life, or, they have simply never considered the possibility of such things.


It usually has its origins in our past, in that we do not come from a society where we are ever educated, or even told, about the practice of magic and its meaner applications; or about curses and ways to harm others without actually physically attacking them; or a rudimentary understanding of energy and the consequences of ignorance about what we do with it every day. Believe me, there is more to the concept of energy than the food we eat, or our gym workout, or how tired we are and the medicine and supplements we take for it.


Often, the next question that I am asked is: can this bad stuff be stopped? Can it be cleared or removed or something? Fortunately – yes. There are, however, many things and circumstances that may recreate it again over time and it will be useful to keep this in mind. Another clearing may be necessary periodically. Numerous people come to have this done on a regular basis and afterwards report great benefit in their lives.


Therefore, this information is aimed at introducing a number of causes of the troubles we all experience more often than we think; and also to provide some clarity about some combinations of the conditions that make everything exponentially worse. It is nice to know that there are options available to the lamentable state of affairs that we often put up with, not knowing that it can be addressed.


The articles:

What is negative Energy?

What is environmental negativity?

What is Ill-wishing and Bad Thoughts?

What is a Spell?

What is a Curse?

What is an Entity, a Latch-on, a Parasite, etc?

Signs, Symptoms and things to look out for.