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What we refer to as premises clearings include virtually all premises where people work, live or go to for recreational purposes. So, why would a place need clearing?

To begin with, buildings seem to retain a kind of memory of activities and events over time, which in turn bring about atmospheres and feelings that are not always pleasant or wholesome for the intended occupation of those who have to be there, for whatever the reason. The greater the emotional intensity of all these events in the history of the building, the more highly charged it becomes. This usually happens due to the mineral contents in the materials that the place is constructed with.

We see this kind of thing when a crystal is dedicated and programmed for a specific function, for example healing or meditation. After a certain amount of utilization such a crystal is generally cleared of old thought forms and emotions that come from the person or persons who draw on it, because it retains the charge of those energies and adds them into the intended applications when used, which is not a good thing as the energy will not be pure any more. Put in another way – the crystal is no longer doing what is intended for it.

Buildings are similar in that respect. They need to be discharged from old patterns and influences that are not conducive to their current functions, or they may adversely influence those who have to be there. Depending upon the nature of the activities in such a place, regularly repeated clearings may be necessary.

In many cases certain individuals may need personal clearing because of exposure to such influences over longer periods of time, and it became part of the person’s behaviour patterns. This is usually behaviour that they do not understand in themselves, and they report that they feel out of character.

From time to time we hear of old houses or buildings of historical significance that are beautiful, but feel creepy or uncomfortable. Well, for good reason! Such places retain a huge amount of charge from all that occurred in their history. This may also take the form of haunting and spirit activity brought about by those with unfinished business and cannot find rest and closure.

In therapy centres we find that people work through great amounts of emotional pain and discomfort, especially during group therapies where substance abuse is the common problem, and the building also tends to “record” it; which, in the long run could overlay this influence on the healing activities that take place there, and the result may not be as wished-for.

There have also been numerous occasions where the new occupants of premises intended for a retail store have reported an unprecedented and unexpected slump in business, as if clients avoid coming in, or leave without buying anything. This may be because of clutter in the “recorded memory” and the place does not feel welcoming or pleasant. Very often, upon enquiring, its history had in it something like an armed robbery where people got hurt, or a traumatic bankruptcy, or something of that nature.

In places like that, those who work there report symptoms like a drop in energy in staff, feelings of anxiety, brain fog, emotional upheavals, feelings of illness that tend to disappear when they leave, and many others.

The variety of reasons for a premises clearing are numerous; mentioned here are but a few, but it gives a general idea of what is meant.

If there is a reason to believe that this could be a possibility in your circumstances, please don’t hesitate to give us a call and tell us about it. We place a booking for clearings at least a week in advance because work starts before we go to the premises to do the actual clearing; therefore exact methods of work vary from place to place.

We look forward to hearing from you.