Post Banner - Separations

Often the journey with another person, or persons, comes to an end and it becomes necessary to part ways.

Unfortunately, and for many reasons, relationships of all kinds are not always as eternal as we once thought them to be. Regrets follow as a result, and we have a hard time moving on, especially with bad memories and bitter thoughts about someone that we loved, and we thought that they loved in return, only to find out that we had been betrayed.

The experience of a badly ended relationship has prevented many people finding a new and more suited life partner, because the thought of repeating such a thing has put a lid on it, and they go through life alone, sad and bitter.

This is not necessary.

Many a good and prosperous business has had to close doors because of a loss of trust and honesty between the partners, or for a plethora of reasons that usually causes an acrimonious ending to the enterprise.

After such an ending many people have found it very difficult to move on and start again on another project, and very often those who managed to do so report failure; they say it is as if the life has gone out of their drive and ambition for success, immediately followed by the story of what happened to them before. They are unable to trust anyone again and sometimes this has an impact on their personal relationships.

Friendships often end in quarrels when circumstances change because of marriage, and therefore new and other commitments make it necessary to shift priorities of life in another direction for one of the parties. This, of course, is but one of many reasons for such a lamentable event to occur, and again, lasting emotional damage is the result.

There is, of course, also the situation of straightforward animosity between people, for whatever reason, and a kind of ongoing conflict ensues with great annoyance as a result.

At times like these, as mentioned here, a separation may be helpful. It is also known as a breaking of emotional and mental ties between parties, and many people who have had this done report that they were able to move on unhampered by the constant reminder of events in their past.

The idea with such a separation between parties is not to hurt or harm anyone, or to get back at someone for whatever the reason, but simply to remove the bonds and release each party to pursue their own interests elsewhere and away from one another in peace; and often reported, in indifference to one another. Usually a sense of release and relief is the direct result.

In some cases, although quite rarely, the parties have met up again after a period of time, and were able to get on quite well in a brand new relationship that was not merely a continuation of the previous one. Bygones, forgotten and forgiven they say.

If any one of these, or similar tragedies, has occurred in your life, removing the ties and bonds that hold the unpleasant experience in place may well be a solution to the problem and that can alleviate the energy that spoils the quality of your life in future.