While I was writing the articles in the “What Is…” list, I was reminded that those topics depict some very negative and unwanted conditions. Surely they must be identifiable and recognizable in order to be addressed if they appeared in a person’s life. Perhaps it is a good time to say something about the matter now.


There is a list of fourteen symptoms, or give-away signs, as I call them, which may come in handy as a kind of reference, or a way to check, if any unwanted and unwelcome energy condition has been putting in a sneaky appearance in someone’s life.


Each of these symptoms can easily be explained away to ordinary conditions if considered one by one, but put together in a combination they make very little or no sense. Over the years I have learnt to trust them as indicators, and many of my clients too.


These fourteen symptoms are by no means all of them. There are hundreds; these are only the most common ones I have discovered so far. The other symptoms are usually very specific to an individual sufferer and cannot be called common for that purpose; but if checked against this list, they usually have many of these also. I guess they have proven themselves as symptoms purely by their persistent presence, even when they were not looked for.


Because of their commonness they are also the least sensational in their make-up as symptoms, and that is what makes them the most unpretentious and reliable to my mind. They are, mostly, free of the elaborations of the imagination of sufferers and victims and those who tend to blow a situation out of proportion in comparison to the reality of the matter.


These symptoms usually appear in a combination and rarely as a single item. Often a client appears to have them all and even more.


It must be clarified at this point that some of these indications are also symptoms for other conditions; a lady told me recently that the first five are all things that she experiences as the result of menopause, and that the bad and disturbed sleep will have a logical result on each of the other four. Yes, a fact! Some of the symptoms can be explained away to conditions other than this particular application, and so it should be. For this purpose it clears away a large segment of uncertainty for me, and for the client.


Yet, I cannot eliminate these points from the list because there are many other people who have them and who do not suffer from menopause, or any other ailment that displays similarities.


So, I encourage you to read this with an open mind and be truthful in your consideration of these points, so that your conclusions are accurate and not clouded by things that are unnecessary distractions.


1. Bad and/or disturbed sleep; waking up a lot at night. Commonly, the complaint is that sleep does not last for more than a few minutes at a time. Occasionally it is reported that each time the sufferer wakes up it happens as if he or she was startled. This sometimes happens in spite of having taken a sleeping tablet.


2. Bad dreams and nightmares. I make a slight distinction between bad dreams and nightmares, because for this purpose a bad dream may be one in which an ordinary daily event becomes an out of control situation and the greater the effort to rectify it, the worse it gets. A nightmare, on the other hand, is a dream that may induce terror, and includes monstrosities and impossible situations like being buried alive or similar horrors. It is typically the kind of thing from which the dreamer would wake up screaming.


3. Night sweats. In this instant I do not mean the kind of perspiration someone would experience in hot weather. Here is meant that the bed is soaked through and a change of bedding and clothes is commonly necessary. This can happen even in winter when it is unlikely that hot weather would be the reason.


4. Short on energy. Waking up even more tired than at bedtime the previous night. In this instance sleeping is not resting, especially if the previously mentioned symptoms were also experienced simultaneously. Although, clients have often reported very poor quality of sleep, even though they did not necessarily wake up during the night.


5. Health problems, aches and pains in the body that cannot be diagnosed, or are continually misdiagnosed, and do not respond to medication or treatment. It is also occasionally reported that certain of these aches move around in the body. A variation on this point is also that health conditions, injuries or pains, long healed up and forgotten, would start up again and for no apparent reason.


6. Mood swings, depressions and out of character behavior where a person acts strange even in their own perspective. I often hear someone say something like: I don’t know myself like that. I have no idea where that came from… The depressions usually take the form of despair and a sense of hopeless loss.


7. Strange and bad smells in the home, car or workplace. These odors are peculiar in that the victim only seems to be able to smell it, and nobody else. They also occur in rooms and places where they would never be expected. A large variety of these smells have been reported and they can range from incense fragrances to a sulpher-like smell that would normally be associated with boiling cabbage; and worse, including the smell of excrement. There are also two variations upon the topic of strange and bad smells to be kept in mind. This comes in the form of odd and sometimes bizarre body odor that only the victim can smell upon himself or herself and nobody else, or, body odor that others smell on the victim and they themselves do not.


8. Feelings and indications of being blocked and stuck in general. This is when sufferers say that all their plans come to nothing, or their communications come out all wrong and misunderstandings are the order of the day. Business transactions fall through, or are cancelled at the last moment. Everything seems to go in reverse and nothing works out in a favorable way. Needless to say, this can do weird things to a career.


9. Extremely low libido, or way too much; both out of character to the person. Also, between partners it creates a wearisome high-low mismatch that causes arguments and frustration in a relationship.


10. Bizarre and disturbing erotic dreams that often become nightmares. Sufferers time and again report waking up with feelings of revulsion and even nausea.


11. Car problems and/or vehicle problems of all kinds, that is for all intents and purposes virtually unsolvable and keeps recurring. This also includes accidents and mishaps in varying levels of severity.


12. Electrical and electronic problems in the home, car or workplace that is annoyingly difficult to solve. The complaints vary from gate motors and pool pumps to computers and remote controls. Anything electrical or electronic can become affected if handled by a victim, and then would work perfectly once more if handled by another person. Sometimes these devices simply stop working altogether and it becomes necessary to replace them.


13. Water problems in the home, workplace or vehicle. They generally take the form of dripping taps, leaky toilets or even appliances that would typically contain water, like a kettle. These leaks tend to reoccur even after repairs and usually cannot be explained. They also include roof leaks, water heating system malfunctions, or pipes embedded in the structure of a building that suddenly develop leaks in impossible places that cost a fortune to repair and at great inconvenience to the home owner. These water problems can also take the form of flooding or blocked drains and sewers, and also sometimes for no apparent reason.


14. A feeling as if the individual accidentally walked through a cobweb, or a sensation of tickling as with a hair, or that a tiny insect is crawling upon some exposed area of their body. This is not confined to the facial area only, although this is the most commonly reported; but it can be anywhere on the body. As mentioned, it seems to be only a feeling. If it was in reality a hair or tiny insect, the thing would, of course, be self evident. Sometimes sleepers report that a sensation of clammy strands of some silky material on their face woke them up. Another variation on this topic is that some people experienced an impression of walking into a cold and damp zone in a room or passage, or somewhere in a familiar place that had never had this characteristic before. Usually they pass straight through this unpleasant obstacle, as if walking through a drape, and often an uncanny and depressing feeling then remains with them.


This then makes up the list of the fourteen most common symptoms, or give-away signs, that I have been able to observe up to now. They are not always clear and obvious in the way they have been described because they may come in any number, or, combined with other symptoms that may to some extent obscure each other; and also with symptoms pertinent only to the individual, and may not have been mentioned as common. In some cases the very actuality that there seems to be a number of them, no matter how puzzling and mixed up they seem, is already a give-away sign in itself.


Clients report time and again that their own feelings of anxiety and unidentifiable dread were the incentive for a consultation, unaware that there is a list of symptoms for this kind of difficulty. When they are made aware of the signs they often find relief in that they have not been imagining it. These are often also people who are perceptive and intuitively aware of their environment. I always try to encourage this spiritual sensitivity in everyone because it is still the best way to determine if something is not what it should be.