All of the above are entities; it is a convenient word we use for beings pertaining to spirit. This includes human beings too. In its true definition the word “entity” has a number of meanings, of course.


The type of entity that inspired this writing is very seldom a human being, although there are humans who display similar characteristics. We will get to that a little further on.


There exists a kind of spirit being on extremely low levels of consciousness. They are of a level of perception where they are barely even aware of themselves. They are also parasitic. In ordinary terms they are unable to reach the levels of consciousness where we as human beings function in a state of normality. This, of course, varies from person to person, but not to the degree where the scope of consciousness that we occupy would overlap with the level where these beings exist.


There are, however, times when this overlap can happen. A few examples are, for instance, prolonged states of drug induced unconsciousness, prolonged periods of recreational drug and or alcohol abuse; also states of enormous shock where a person may be deprived of consciousness, to point out but a few.


There are also places where this kind of overlap becomes possible. In the section dealing with environmental negativity we made mention of large gatherings of people and the influence it can have on an individual. Well, this stands in this instance too. At raves and huge music concerts where there is a lot of abuse of any kind of substance going on, an ideal environment is created for this kind of overlap to become, not only possible, but a reality.


So, what would happen during a time when these levels of existence intermingle? The average human being loses, or drops, their personal, natural resistance to these parasitic entities and they latch on to this unsuspecting host. This is an energy source they could never conceive of for themselves.


There are many other places where this may happen too; and just being there exposes us to such a latching-on to come about. Places where a lot of blood is spilled, like an abattoir, for example; also jails; seedy, dirty bars and clubs, dwellings occupied by people who are of very low morals and habits, where they usually live in groups to maintain their common sentiment. In my experience all these people are usually affected in this way already.


When this kind of latching-on occurs, the host starts to experience strange and unpleasant complications in his or her life. They report very odd mood swings and depressions, or medical symptoms that cannot be diagnosed and usually do not respond to medication or treatment.


Relationships with family members and spouses typically become strained and often end for reasons nobody can understand. Friendships disappear, also without reason. General listlessness and lethargy becomes an all time-consuming state of being.


In my experience, the unhappier the victim is the better for the parasitic entity. That kind of atmosphere is what they thrive on. The greater the degree of suffering, the more the host’s energy is exactly what it requires in its ideal state. These parasites eventually override a host’s entire life with its influence.


At this point the host may take to drugs or alcohol, or, if these substances were the cause in the first place, the situation will probably become worse from here on. The more often the host bends his or her mind, the more of these parasitic entities latch on. There have been cases of suicide as a result.


There have been people, who in their pardonable ignorance, have joked that having such a latch-on might be a good thing because they may now gain greater psychic abilities with having a spirit passenger with them all the time. Funny that! But, unfortunately – no.


You, as host, get nothing in return; and this for two reasons. First – these entities are pure parasite. They will take all that you can supply and then simply leave if you drop dead. Secondly – they do not have the consciousness to return favors, or even understand the value, or possibility, of this kind of co-existence.


Some humans also display similar propensities in their behavior. Everyone that I can think of has met someone who “drains” them when this person is with them.


For example, they are very intense in their attentions; they question incessantly and never seem to understand explanations or reasons. They act extremely apologetic, because there is often something annoyingly pathetic about them; they are always trying to please in the most irritating ways.


They do not understand “no” for an answer. They are very difficult to get rid of and pop in for a short visit that usually consumes most of your day, uninvited and unannounced. They do not act in response to any subtle hints or ordinary good behavior, and will only pay attention to outright insults and threats, and then apologize excessively, yet again.


This is only a scenario; it is not the be all and end all about parasitic people. The description can go on and on, but I think everyone knows this kind of story.


Well, they are not mindless parasites; they are clever parasites. They will happily leech from you all your patience and sensibility and mess up your life by creating chaos that you have to continuously fix up, and after such a visit the unfortunate host experiences depression and exhaustion and the frustrating dismay that it will probably happen again. Avoiding such a person becomes a significant and time consuming part of life.


Parasites are not all mindless, and sometimes can be in a kind of co-existence with their host. This manner of return of favor is never beneficial, but I have had it reported to me that it is very pleasant. Sometimes…


However, these things are still parasitic and will in time display all the propensities and behavior of the mindless variety, as mentioned earlier. They are sometimes known as a sex vampire, or a succubus (they attack men), and an incubus (they attack women). They are also thought to be demons, and their origins may be the result of a variety of understandings in the different versions of how the stories are told.


However it may be, many a sex starved person thought they were very lucky to find, in their dreams, a partner as well suited and compliant as this nocturnal visitor. This continues for a while, until they discover they have a severe shortage of energy in ordinary day to day activities and that they cannot stop the dreams that drain them of life force.


Many of these entities are created from energy spent during excessively repeated fantasizing by the host and, over time, they become free thinking, self educating beings.


This kind of entity is often found where enormous sexual repression is endured, for whatever reason, and cannot find release in the regular way; or with young people in that difficult stage of puberty where hormones and sex fantasies occupy almost all their time.


For example, a make-believe being that is repeatedly the focus of a fantasy will slowly but surely acquire life and intelligence of its own, because it is imagined in detail, created and required to be an active partner in this activity.


One of the first warning signals is usually overlooked because, to the delight of the person imagining the entire thing, there seems to be signs and indication of self-determining participation by this being in the fantasy, and it seems to come of its own desire, instead of the promptings from the mind of the person fantasizing.


Eventually a decision making, thinking entity is the product, and often, at this point, confinement of this sexually insatiable, vampiristic thing is lost because it became intelligent enough to also find other victims. The idea for that also typically originates with the creator from whom it gained its tuition, because the fantasy usually evolves and intensifies and incorporates new features with other imagined people who were sexually enticing to such a person. In this way many participants was suggested and it will follow its inclination.


In time these parasites that develop an ability to make decisions for themselves acquire intelligence from every encounter and they do not bring to an end their activities; in fact, they pursue it much more cleverly, efficiently and insatiably. This has the tendency to spiral beyond control.


Some people, in their need and loneliness, even give names to these imaginary beings, as they slowly, in due course, take the place of a life partner. In such cases the entity develops more quickly and more completely because of its more detailed job description and what its participation is required to be.


They are sometimes reported as hauntings in places like jails, or institutions that take care of the mentally infirm. They are also terribly difficult to get rid of because they are there not only by invitation, but are created for that particular purpose by the very people who become its victims. Such a parasite cannot simply be banished to its origins on whichever level of consciousness it came from.


Mind you, all parasites are very difficult to get rid of; it usually depends upon the level of intelligence it has. The smarter ones require more intense persuasion and often more than one effort, because they simply return and re-attach at the first opportunity they can find.


Occasionally an entity attaches to someone as the result of an act of black magic. This can happen in two ways; the first being that the entity was sent there as part of the spell, that also binds it to the victim. It can also be sent as an attack on the victim and then immediately leaves again straight after. In both these examples it is controlled and instructed in its purpose by the spell binder.


The second way is when a spell was placed on a victim that reduced his or her quality of life to such a degree that an entity found an opening, and suitable conditions, to attach itself to this hapless host and, feeding off his or her suffering, reduces their quality of life even more. In the first instance the entity may or may not be parasitic, but in the second it invariably is.


Another kind of entity that is worthy of note is what has become known as a wandering soul, or a haunting. We hear of these beings in old houses and the halls of buildings where a lot of activity has taken place involving a great number of people over the years. It is interesting that churches and hospitals are of the most haunted places known, and it is always assumed that cemeteries and morgues are.


Cemeteries are probably the creepiest, because of the depiction in horror movies and especially at night; but they are not frequented by ghosts any more than any other place in particular.


The most common reason for this phenomenon of wandering souls, as far as I have been able to determine, is that a person died and did not “pass on”, as we have come to know it. This, commonly, has to do with a death-expectation that was not met.


For example, someone who died suddenly and traumatically often does not know that he or she is actually dead, and are sometimes stuck in a sort of reality loop where they repeat their experience over and over in order to try and complete it. Their next moment never seems to arrive and each time they repeat it, is for them always the first time. They somehow do not register that this interruption in their mortality was final, purely because they were so unprepared and the event so unexpected.


Sometimes these beings can be seen by people who are sensitive to such things, going through the motions of something no one can comprehend, and they are completely oblivious to the fact of their strange behavior because of the closed loop of their own perceived reality.


This phenomenon could have been a likely cause for stories of a haunted crossroad or a railway line somewhere. The examples are many. It would conceivably be the enactment of some ill-fated person’s last moments alive.


Sometimes, if someone was particularly drawn to a place or situation during life, they may want to revisit there for some reason. Their visit may last years and years for the living that see them there, but for them it may only be an afternoon, or a few moments, simply because of the difference in the perceived reality of the moment in time between the two parties.


We often hear of a ghost returning to a place where he or she would come in anger, because of some outrage or crime. Yes, and for the same reason as above. They are probably stuck in a time loop of their perceived reality and their next moment does not arrive. The problem, for them, was never solved.


These unfortunate beings can be rescued, however, and they are then assisted to go where they need to go as the next step of their journey. There are many people who do rescue work, and it is done in various ways, but there is always far more work than those who do it. It is a labor of love and it invariably goes unseen and unrewarded.


Of entities there is a huge amount more to be said, and no, it is not an unsolvable problem. There is an enormous variety of these beings and they are not all bad and fear inspiring, but they are, for that matter, not all good and wonderful either.


Some are entirely misrepresented because of the imagination of many storytellers and movies. Most of them we simply know nothing about. All of them, however are sensationally interesting and quickly become topics of conversation, or more accurately, speculation, that adds to the myth and guesswork that intrigues even the most unmoved skeptic, even if it is just to incite a rebuff.