This has already been mentioned in a previous article in the form of road rage and stress; and they cannot be separated from each other. In fact, the one causes the other, and together they create their own particular result in each individual.


It comes in forms ranging from depression all the way to anti-social behavior and violence. It tends to also grow upon itself daily, and it has a propensity to stay as a permanent feature.


The work environment is the next to become affected, due to the larger numbers of people involved. Each person has to travel there and back home every day, with the added stress of each individual’s particular job on top of everything. It quickly becomes clear that there is a lethal stew brewing here, as everyone adds to the sum total of the condition daily.


Many people have experienced the need for a holiday when all this becomes too much, and it is common to hear them say it took more than half of their time away to just unwind from it all. When they return to their jobs they also say that after the first day they feel as if they never even had a holiday.


So, what happened here? A clear case of environmental negativity on a large scale is responsible for leeching the life quality out of the average citizen.


It goes further, of course. Home life becomes affected, and this is the real calamity. It is typically the place where we go to be safe and sound and lay our burdens down. In theory, that is…


Many are the examples where these havens of sanctuary and security have practically become war zones, and irreparable damage from stress resulting in arguments, drove a family apart. At this stage we have not even mentioned substance abuse that often enters into the situation, usually as a form of stress relief; and then also adds to the problem.


Nobody seems to know where and how it started, and this is the damnedest thing! People mostly say that it’s been there for years, and it got worse over time.


True… Environmental negativity seems to have been there since who-knows-when, and is getting worse every year. We inherit it everywhere; from the person whose job we took over, the house or property we bought, the neighborhood we live in, the political situation in the country that we may find disagreeable, and so on. The examples are more than we can mention in a short time.


It is often very interesting to notice how the common consciousness of a large assembly of people affects the individual. Simply watch a group of sports fans in the support of their team, for instance. They behave in ways that they would find embarrassing in their everyday lives when not in a group of that nature.


The reasons for that behavior often vary a little from person to person, for instance that it may come from an inherent desire to do whatever it is that they do, and the only opportunity they allow themselves to behave like that is with others who would find it amusing, or they become motivated by those who do these things, and behave in the same way. It could be explained as getting caught up in the “swing of the thing”. They find a common approval with each other.


Usually, it is necessary to drop their inhibitions and normal outlook on life with substantial amounts of alcohol; thereby sacrificing, for the moment, their intelligence and sense of normality, until the excitement is over.


Then, with hangovers firmly in place, they resume their level of reasoning and sensibility, and then discuss only the game afterwards; never the banalities of their behavior, which, in many cases, they cannot remember until later when the photographs are brought out.


Interesting to note – nobody does any of this if by themselves. A group consciousness is required for this to happen.


It is a point of speculation as to where the memories of such events go. Did it disappear with the quantity of alcohol consumed, if kept in mind that alcohol can produce this (sometimes convenient) effect; or was it negated with the degree of the common unbridled aptitude at the time, that is left behind when the level of normal intelligence is taken up again.


Usually, it comes to a bit of both. It becomes clear that these occasions are a little (or often quite a lot) below the intelligence level that people rationally function with on a daily basis. The bigger the crowd, the lower the accumulative level of consciousness and intelligence of such a crowd.


As amusing as these events and their depictions can be, they are not particularly very good. The news often relates stories of deplorable things that happened, and many people regret their participation, taking a cold comfort in their anonymity in the crowd, and how drunk they were. Again, the variations are endless.


This illustration only serves as a brief mention of sports fans and their behavior. There are others that are worse; we often hear of political gatherings that have but one unsurprising rationale, and calamity ensues.


The reasons for these behavior patterns remain the same; in fact, they are often exploited for the reprehensible purposes of those who arrange and organize such vast meetings. We never hear of any good or positive thing that came as result of it.


Those with a taste for vandalism and anti-social behavior quickly become motivated, (and ironically always attend these gatherings) and get caught up in “the swing of the thing”. How predictable…


Group consciousness affects everyone sometime; some more than others, and some in a worse or better way than others.


Many of us still retain some of the traits we picked up from other kids while at school and kept it as our own, even years later in adulthood. There are many instances of social or religious activities that had a lasting influence on our lives, and are neither good nor bad in their nature, but were not things we would have thought of to become our own personal behavior. In this way we get a social education when caught up “in the swing of the thing”.


We inherit behavior patterns and influences all the time from everywhere. How much of it is our own? When we ponder this, we may well ask: how much of who I am and what I do, do I actually want? Who am I following unknowingly? Where do the trends we follow actually come from? Interesting…